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Meet the Team Behind the Schlage Sense™ Smart Deadbolt

Strength. Style. Smarts. No longer mutually exclusive. Get a behind-the-scenes look at the level of innovation that went into designing the Bluetooth®-enabled Schlage Sense™ Smart Deadbolt.

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Schlage Touchscreen Deadbolt
With the Touchscreen Deadbolt, we've done more than just eliminate the need for keys. We've given you a whole new level of control by bringing together all of our most advanced features like the built-in alarm and the ability to lock/unlock the door remotely from your phone.
Schlage Decorative Collections
Our Decorative Collections let you create a unique look that reflects your personal style. Customize your door hardware by choosing your favorite Decorative Collections design in a door knob or lever, and then complete the look with one of our durable finishes. It's the perfect combination of style and security you've come to know and trust from Schlage.
Schlage Home Security
We couldn't get rid of lost keys–so we just got rid of the keys. Install a Schlage keyless door lock or electronic deadbolt (it's easy to do yourself; all you need is a screwdriver) and say goodbye to hiding keys under the doormat. And being locked out because you forgot your keys.

Recent Blog Posts

Houzz Feature: How to Rock a Mixed-Metal Decor Palette

Demand for gold and brass accents has thrust mixed-metal palettes into the spotlight. The timeless combination of silver and gold, and even a little sprinkling of copper, can form the basis of a whole design or just one piece of a larger puzzle. Whether you love Art Deco glamour or just a little contemporary sparkle, follow these tips to get a gold-medal look in any room of the home. Choose a FavoriteWhen mixing metals, as with mixing colors in a...

Schlage Sense™ Update Improves Apple TV Remote Connectivity

A firmware update (version 3.49) is now available for the Schlage Sense™Smart Deadbolt. This update fixes a remote connectivity issue that affects 3rd generation Apple TV customers. Instructions on how to setup remote access through Apple TV are available here. We will continue to monitor and address issues as they surface. We at Schlage appreciate your patience and are committed to keeping you informed of our progress. Sign up to receive the latest...

Trends Driving Home, Interior Design Industry

The Schlage design team recently explored trends they’re seeing at industry events and tradeshows throughout the year. Here are a few of their findings: The Glamour / Hollywood Regency trend has spawned interest in the recent rise of geometric designs, which are increasingly seen in light fixtures, small furniture and accent pieces. Glamour and Hollywood Regency has transformed from drastic, clean contrast to incorporating dark greys and...

Schlage Sense and Remote Access through Apple TV

Some Schlage Sense customers have experienced a loss of remote access through the 3rd generation Apple TV after updating their lock to firmware version 3.42. We're aware of the issue and are working quickly to resolve. In the meantime, you can learn more details about how to set up an Apple TV and iPad for remote access and automation of your Schlage lock and other HomeKit accessories. Please click this link for more information.  Sign up to receive...

Get your Schlage Sense™ App Ready for iOS 10

The latest iOS software from Apple® will be reaching your iPhone®, iPad® and iPod touch® soon. Make sure you’re ready for iOS 10 by updating your Schlage Sense™ app so you can upgrade to the latest firmware. Checking for updates is easy and only takes a moment – do it today so your Schlage Sense™ lock and app are ready for iOS 10! Here’s how: Click this link to visit the Schlage Sense™ app page in the App Store, or tap on the App Store icon from...

New for iOS users: Schlage Sense™ app and firmware upgrade

Apple®’s latest, iOS 10, will be reaching your iPhone®, iPad® and iPod touch® soon. Make sure you’re ready for iOS 10 by updating your Schlage Sense™ app so you can get the latest firmware. If you don’t update your app and accept the new firmware, your Schlage Sense™ lock won’t work with Apple®’s new Home app. The Home app is a great way to control all of your HomeKit™-enabled accessories in one place. As more and more accessories become available...

Schlage Sense™ App & Firmware Update FAQ

Do I need to buy a new lock to work with iOS 10? No. Every Schlage Sense™ lock made will be compatible with iOS 10. Update your app, then open it to accept the firmware upgrade, and your lock will be ready for iOS 10. Click here to visit the App Store to update your Schlage Sense™ app. Why is the app update important?Updating your Schlage Sense™ app allows you to upgrade to the newest firmware – without updating the app, you won’t be able...

5 Easy Entryway Accents

It’s easy to see a home’s entryway as simply functional. It’s the space you pass through on your way in and out, and usually serves as a catch-all for coats, boots and the like. But the entryway is much more than that – it’s the first impression visitors get of your entire home. Here are five easy ways to add style to a space so easily forgotten: A door hardware update can freshen the look of your entire front door – the very first thing a visitor...

How to Find a Reliable Locksmith

More often than not, you’ll only need a locksmith at the most inconvenient time. If you’re like many of us, you don’t think about finding a reliable locksmith until an emergency occurs. You haven’t had the luxury of building a relationship with someone you'll be trusting with a most important job, your home’s security.  The first thing you’ll do is Google search a locksmith in your area. What next? How do you know if the locksmiths at the top...

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