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Door Security - How to Review Your Home for Baby Safety

Door Security - Baby ProofingBabies are so much fun. My nephew is 18 months old and since he found his sea legs he’s into everything. Actually, once he learned to crawl, he started to explore. And even though it’s a delight to watch him check out his world, it’s also time to childproof the home. Your home can become a dangerous place. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, each year, about 2,500,000 children are accidentally injured or killed by hazards in their homes. And the Center for Disease Control and Prevention/National Center for Health Statistics reports that unintentional injury remains the leading cause of death for kids under 14.

To help protect your sweet little explorer from harm, provides a room-by-room guide to childproofing. Door hardware is one thing that Schlage can help you with. For door security, you should consider door handlesets with deadbolts for all doors leading outside, to the garage, or to the basement; door locks for doors to offices, workrooms, or craft rooms; and door lock for the bathroom.

Also be sure to use safety covers for door knobs, and if you have door levers, you may want to be sure to replace them since they are easier for toddlers to grab onto and accidentally open a door.

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