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Ugly Door Contest

My Pink door

I just bought this house and this is the door that came with it. What more can I say... the picture tells the tale... New door is on the way, would sure love to have some nice Schlage hardware to go with it! Thanks. Adam S. Santa Cruz, CA

blue door

Every coral house needs a teal blue door right? Aimee P. Panama City Beach, FL

Faded and non-matching hardware

This front door has probably seen better days. In the morning as the sun rises you can see the rays through the cracks. The sun has also faded the door at the bottom making it very obvious it needs stained. The door knob is probably as old as the house which doesn't match the door deadbolt or the...

Who Picks Maroon For A Front Door Color?

I bought my home in 2005. It is green shingles with black shutters and then a MAROON front door! I have hated the color of it ever since I moved in - but don't know what color to change it to! While my door is peeling and cracking or anything along those lines - it would be great to have the...

Ugly Door

My front door has bothered me since we moved in. The yellow screen door must go! Thanks for a great contest! Elena B. Upper Saddle River, NJ

Very Breakable

The exterior door handle on the door is so loose I swear someone would be able to just pull it off if they really tried hard enough. The only lock on it is the door deadbolt but that gets stuck all the time so I will stand there forever with the key in it trying to get it out and I look like I am...

Broken Knob Blues

Once upon a time in a land far away was a cracked and old white door in a place called Iowa(y). The entry lock was long ago broken, the black door knob lock a handle of sorts. For the way to keep the door shut was a padlock instead of a Schlage deadbolt. Dawn M. Floyd, IA

Forty four years without a key

The front door lock and door lock hardware are original to our 60 year old home. Having lived here 44 years we've never had a key to that door handle lock. Adding new door lock hardware while updating the style would give us better security while finally taking advantage of this rarely used front...

One Uuuugggllly Door Handleset

I know I have 50 words or less to share why I'd like Schlage to replace my door lock hardware... but isn't a picture is worth a thousand words?... All kidding aside, this horrific-midevil-gigantic-hammered-twisted-brass handleset is what I have to look at every time I enter my newly purchased (and...

The Dog Done It

I almost feel bad submitting this one. It's not even fair to the other contestants it's so ugly. The dog's chain was just a tad too long and he was definitely not happy about being chained up. Live and learn! Don C. Shelbyville, IN

The Unwelcomed Door

One of the things so important about the front door is the first thing that you encounter after a long day in anticipation of a home and relaxing environment. One look at the photo you can see there is nothing about this door that would set a relaxing tone. It is so ugly, we don’t need to put a sign...

150 years of ugliness

This front door was originally a window that someone decided to make in to a doorway. It wasn't installed correctly and there is more than a "draft" that comes in on all sides of it. It seriously needs to go! William J. East Moriches, NY

A Napa Country Wine Whiner

We bought a fixer upper in 2000. The front door seems to never get to the front burner and gets put off while remodel and additions are the priority. A face lift on the entry sure is overdue as you can see. The hardware is plain and tarnished.The previous owners dog scrached up the door frame and...

This Old House

This is the front door to my dad's house. It is so old. He said it was from the late 50's. It doesn't even look like a front door. With an upcoming exterior paint job and new roof, this house is in desperate need of a new front door and hardware to top it off. Sabrina P. Colorado Springs, Colorado

The worst front door

This is my front door. It's pretty unspectacular as front doors go. There is NO door handle set and the locking mechanism on the inside is faulty. It's a classic, older home and I would love to have an upgrade on this entryway. Thanks! Susan H. Morristown, NJ

Some things are worth saving

I am a single female; but tackled the job of restoring this old school house. People thought that I was a little crazy; but I believe you can change anything one brick at a time. I think that this building deserves great new hardware :) Stephanie G. Athens, NY

Door to the past.

Thirty years ago my neighbor brought me this door and installed it that very day. This door has served well but is now after 30 years of sever Michigan winters is at the end of its days. I have no doubt that this next spring metal angle straps will be needed to keep it from breaking apart.Richard...


The outside of my door is even more hideous than the photo attached, so I spared myself the humiliation and you the fear. Enjoy. Elizabeth H. Bloomington, IN

1928 Schoolhouse Needs a New Door!

My husband and I recently bought our first home - a 1928 house built originally as a school. The first thing we saw when we drove past the house were the front doors. We instantly said that the front doors begged to be redone and restored. As you can see, the front doors don't even have door...

Our Very Ugly Doors

We recently bought our first home. There was a lot of work to do, one of which would have been to replace the horrible, water logged, gaping holes, doors. But, we just ran out of funds. Aside from them being ugly and uninviting, the gaps allow scorpions and other critters to come in, uninvited,...