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Home Security 101

Schlage Home SecurityBeing a young single girl in a thriving metro area, I’m innately concerned with the safety and security of my surroundings. Like all human beings, I need to feel safe when I’m at home regardless of the time of day. And after having more than one scare, I’m even more in tune (sometimes borderline paranoid) with my surroundings. 

Using this paranoia for good, I decided I'd blog about Home Security 101, as there must be others like myself out there looking for security advice. After scouring the web for home security tips and including a comprehensive Home Security Checklist featured on Schlage's website, I bring to you a list of the best home security tips... 

1. Every entry door should have a Schlage Grade 1 deadbolt, including the door linking your garage and house.

2. Secure your windows with high quality window locks. When it comes to security of any kind you often get what you pay for.

3. Make sure your landscaping is trimmed well so hedges and shrubs don't hide your windows.

4. Ensure your property is lit well at night.

5. When you go away on vacations (long or short), use timers for interior lights.

6. Avoid hiding spare keys outside. If you find yourself frequently needing to leave spare keys outside, then consider a Schlage LiNK system so you can add and edit several key codes from anywhere without compromising your home's security.

7. Consider a Schlage LiNK home automation system to manage and monitor your home from anywhere in the world.

8. Equip all of your exterior doors with a wide-angle eye viewer that allows you to identify visitors.

9. Consider your perimeter security. Walk around your yard at different times of the day to judge lighting and shadows. Think about how you enter and exit the home from different doorways.

10. Plant thorny or prickly shrubbery near windows.

11. Install motion sensors to control your exterior lighting.

12. Do not leave your home unlocked for a child coming home from school. Consider an electronic Schlage keypad lock in lieu of hide-a-keys or unlocked doors.

13. Never leave ground level windows open or ajar when you're not home.

14. Make sure all of your sliding glass doors have at least one of the following:
    • Track lock
    • Hinged door bar
    • Insertion pin lock
    • Metal or wood dowel in track

15. Be careful what information you share on your social networking sites; just because you're Facebook friends doesn't mean everyone is your true friend. Ever hear of

16. Make sure a trusted neighbor or friend knows you will be gone and have them check on your house, pick up your mail, etc.

After taking advantage of a few of these tips I already feel safer in my home (as little as it may be). Big house or small apartment, everyone needs to reevaluate their home security every so often to prevent and discourage home intrusions. Here’s to a safe and sound residence!

Laura W.
Social Media Brand Marketing